Servers give up their positions at Ibama after the technical director Ambiência has been relieved

Since Monday (11) an application for collective discharge has been submitted in Ibama.

The move is in response to the decision of the Prime Minister and new superintendent to investigate environmental violations in Ibama, Siam, Wagner Tadeu Matiota, who took office at the end of December and requested the dismissal of the national environmental sanction procedure last Friday, Halisson Peixoto Barreto. The decision was confirmed in a publication in the Official Journal on Thursday.

In response to Barreto’s resignation, the head and substitute heads of the Administrative Disputes Division (Dicon), National Instruction Team Support Service (Senins), Environmental Conciliation Division (Dicam), and Preliminary Analysis Support Service (Saap) have made their positions available .

Barreto commanded a team of around 300 servers and was the technical manager of the sanctions process at Ibama, where he has been working since 2013.

In the coordination that is responsible for processing the fines imposed by Ibama and reporting the sanction, he has also committed himself over the past two years to implementing the environmental mediation process drawn up by the Environment Minister Ricardo Salles.

With his departure and the collective relief, the entire work of the sanctions process must be paralyzed.

“It is worth noting that Mr. Halisson has spoken extensively in the
Establish and implement the entire environmental sanctions process in the direction in which it is to be made to work, ”reads a letter signed by 31 Ibama employees in Rio Grande do Sul and sent to the President of Ibama last Tuesday.

“This situation causes extreme uncertainty and alienation because it occurs precisely when the rite is finally being implemented,” the letter concludes.

The blog noted that the motivation may be related to the dispute between the military over Ibama’s power, which is currently being led by the Attorney General of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (AGU) Eduardo Fortunato Bim.

Bim attempted to reverse Barreto’s dismissal this week, according to sources connected with the agency, but accepted the referral from the new superintendent, who is autonomous for this type of decision.

“I don’t see any obstacles to fulfilling the Siamese superintendent’s request, but highlighting the relevant services of the server in question,” Bim said in an order on Wednesday.

Former Ibama President Suely Araújo recalls that the current government has removed key leaders who held positions in self-sufficiency.

“The departure of ex-Inspection Director Luciano Evaristo, for example a recognized leader, was expected, it is a high position. However, they removed the General Inspection Coordinator and Operations Coordinator (Renê Oliveira and Hugo Loss) after a major operation in Pará went well. In the environmental inspection, all coordinators and bosses have changed. Now they are removing the leader from instructing and assessing the sanctions processes, ”he says.

“Executives are being taken away, the team is being discouraged, public order is weakening. They get where they want to, in the weakening of the self-sufficiency that has “disrupted”, ”says Araújo, who is currently the senior specialist in public policy at the Climate Observatory.

Ibama’s president and environment minister did not return to the blog’s contacts.

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