Military policeman appointed head of Lençóis Maranhenses Park – 11/18/2020 – Environment

Military policeman José de Ribamar Vieira Rodrigues is the new head of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, which is one of the top ten parks in the country – there were 126,000 visits in 2018 – and who is also on the Environment Ministry’s priority list for that Concession to the private initiative intended to support the visitation.

The appointment was published in a decree signed on Thursday by the President of the ICMBio, Fernando Lorencini (18).

Rodrigues made a career in the Maranhão Military Police, where he served from 1986 to 2017. According to his résumé, after retiring from the military police, he began the position of security advisor in the municipality of Barreirinhas, a municipality in Maranhão where he lives. Park.

The lack of experience in managing nature reserves or even in an environmental post worries officials and environmentalists.

Accordingly, the concession contracts must be monitored and monitored by ICMBio (which is still responsible for the management of the protection units), which would require even greater preparation by the park administration.

“The role of a protected area manager is not the same as that of a police officer, even if he was a member of the environmental inspection. The head of the park is responsible for the territorial management and the interaction with several actors in society, in the service of society in the fields of nature conservation, research and volunteering ”, says the ex-president of ICMBio Cláudio Maretti.

“In the case of Lençóis Maranhenses there is a very delicate contradiction: great potential for tourism and the communities living in the park. The situation needs to be regulated in order to bring the communities in line with the park’s tourist protection goals, ”he adds.

On an area of ​​156,000 hectares, the Lençóis Maranhenses Park is home to 1,024 families from traditional communities. Part of the current tour guides are residents of the park, who also offer their houses to tourists. The coordination of the services provided by the municipalities and the concession contracts is one of the challenges facing the park administration.

The new boss’s lack of experience also contradicts a requirement by the Bolsonaro administration that includes criteria for hiring contracted executive positions and superior consultants classified under the acronym DAS.

Article 2 of Decree 9727/2019 provides in point 2 that for the managerial position, the contractor must have “a professional profile or academic training compatible with the position or function for which he was indicated”.

When asked about the irregularity of the nomination, ICMBio did not return to contact with the report.

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