“It’s a shame that there aren’t the most severely affected areas,” says Ambassador on a trip with Mourão to the Amazonian Ambience

“It is a shame that the visit does not include the hardest hit areas [por desmatamento e queimadas]UK Interim Ambassador to Brazil Liz Davidson told the blog. She is part of the delegation of ambassadors visiting the Amazon at the invitation of the Vice President of the Republic and the President of the Amazon Council, Hamilton Mourão.

The journey started this Wednesday (4) and will last until Friday (6). It was proposed by Mourão in response to a letter from the European ambassadors in September. They called for “immediate real action” against deforestation, saying it was “increasingly difficult” for businesses and investors to meet the environmental criteria for Brazil.

The trip focuses on visits to military projects in Manaus and São Gabriel da Cachoeira, both in the Amazon, such as the zoo in the Jungle War Instruction Center (Cigs), the management and operations center for the Amazon Protection System (Censipam), the Bela Vista Integrated Colonization Project for the Military Command of the Amazon (CMA), the 5th Maturacá Border Platoon and until the completion of the 2nd Jungle Infantry Brigade.

Ambassadors should also visit Federal Police Supervision, Amazonian Governor Wilson Lima (PSC), and a Native American Health Support House. The itinerary also includes a sightseeing tour of Manaus when the waters of the Negro and Solimões rivers meet.

According to Davidson, the Brazilian government’s dialogue on deforestation in the Amazon has made progress. “At the last meeting we had [com Mourão], it was different. The problem of accelerating deforestation from 2019 to now and presenting targets to reduce deforestation by 2023 has been recognized, “he said.

“What is missing, however, is a long-term plan that confirms the goal of zeroing deforestation by 2030, which Brazil stated in its NDC [contribuição nacionalmente determinada, na sigla em inglês, no âmbito do Acordo de Paris]Castle of the Ambassador.

Among the Europeans, representatives of Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Portugal and the head of the European Union take part in the trip. Norway did not accept the invitation. Diplomats from Denmark, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, who also signed the letter published on the blog, were not invited. On the other hand, Mourão invited ambassadors from South Africa, Peru, Colombia and Canada who are part of the group.

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