Environmental policy does not change, the ball follows, says Mourão, facing upcoming results in the US – 11/03/2020 – Environment

Vice President Hamilton Mourão, President of the National Council for the Legal Amazon, said Tuesday (3) that the environmental policy of the Jair Bolsonaro administration, under the responsibility of Minister Ricardo Salles, will follow the same regardless of the outcome of the presidential dispute in the United States. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

“Environmental policy does not change regardless of what is going to happen in the US. The dance follows,” Mourão said in an interview with journalists after the third meeting of the Amazon Council responsible for the implementation of the GLO regulation (Law and Order Guarantee) is responsible for the Amazon region.

In practice, the GLO has militarized the enforcement of environmental crimes in the region.

16 of Bolsonaro’s 23 ministers, including Ricardo Salles, head of the environment, and Federal Chancellor Ernesto Araújo, attended the board meeting in Itamaraty.

The government awaits the outcome of the US presidential dispute.

Democrat Joe Biden came out as the favorite on election day and led the polls. Donald Trump, whom Bolsonaro supports (and who also declared his support on the eve of the election), is seeking re-election.

“I’m not the environment minister. The Amazon problem is an environmental issue,” said the vice president.

“We have the problem of protection, of development, when we create jobs and income without having to enter indigenous areas, cut trees or open mines. That is why there is a council,” said Mourão.

The vice-president defended the guidelines of Salles at the head of the environment ministry, citing five principles such as control, combating illegality, bioeconomy, payment for environmental services and regularization of land ownership. “This is the quintet we have to act in,” he said.

In an interview with journalists, however, he criticized the resource shortages in the Salles Ministry, which, according to the Vice President, is the reason for the two interruptions in the fire fighting. The most affected biomes are Pantanal and Amazônia.

“With resources stopped, they did the ‘rapa’ over MMA resources. There was a stress, but it is already working [o combate aos incêndios]. “

The vice president admitted that he “wants to get a better result” when it comes to tackling deforestation. “We haven’t made it yet. But we will stay.”

He pointed to the existence of “red” areas with increasing deforestation, such as in the region of the Belo Monte plant in Pará.

The Amazon Council meeting precedes a trip to the Amazon organized by Mourão, attended by ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from different countries. The journey starts this Wednesday (4) and lasts until Friday (6).

Araújo will not make the journey. He will stay with Bolsonaro after the US presidential dispute unfolds.

In a speech delivered at the ministers’ meeting, the Vice President acknowledged that there are no “results to celebrate” on deforestation rates in the Amazon, and pointed out what he called “reversing the upward trend in deforestation.” ” understand.

According to Mourão, data from the Inpe (National Space Research Institute) satellites show a slowdown in 2020 compared to 2019. “The decrease is below our target,” said the vice president.

Data from Deter, the Inpe system used as an instant alert for deforested areas, indicates that September 2019, the first year of the Bolsonaro government, broke the deforestation record since this system began monitoring. 1,400 square kilometers of vegetation have been lost.

In September of this year it was 1,000 km².

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