Bolsonaro withdraws in the speech and avoids criminalizing countries for illegally buying wood – 11/19/2020 – Environment

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) resigned Thursday (19) on his promise to reveal the names of countries that are illegally importing timber from Brazil, avoid criminalizing nations and blaming companies that import the material.

On Wednesday (18), Bolsonaro told supporters in front of the Palácio da Alvorada that this Thursday, during his weekly life, he would give the list of countries that import illegal timber.

The day before, on Tuesday (17th), the president complained at a meeting of the BRICS summit about “unjustified attacks” on the government’s environmental policy and threatened to make the countries that are recipients of secret cargo public.

Live, the president spoke generically about countries that receive Brazilian products and mentioned France when he described the country as the “main obstacle” to the realization of the trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union.

“For example, if you take a lot of Ipe between several countries, that amount is much higher than what is allowed to be extracted in an administrative area with legal reserve. Augusto [Nunes] did directly [a pergunta sobre] France, because France is our competitor in raw materials, “said the President.

“The big problem for us in promoting the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur lies precisely in France. We are doing our best, but the spear of self-defense stands in the way,” he continued. We are a family business.

The deal was signed last year but is still ongoing. One of the obstacles is the environmental problem. European countries want commitments for Brazil to achieve environmental goals.

On Thursday, the president also said he had a list of companies that buy illegal timber and the countries where it is hosted. In contrast to the previous speech, however, Bolsonaro tried to focus the allegation on companies.

Hours earlier, Vice President Hamilton Mourão had downplayed Bolsonaro’s original statement, saying it was “very clear” that the president was referring to companies.

“We have here the names of the companies that import, to which countries they belong,” the president said in his life. “We will not accuse country A, B or C of committing a crime, but we will accuse companies in those countries,” he said.

Bolsonaro made the live broadcast of the Planalto Palace together with Minister André Mendonça (Justice) and the superintendent of the Federal Police in Amazonas, Alexandre Saraiva.

The president said there are procedures that investigate timber imports. “And this is already going to grow to the point where it becomes unattractive to import illegal timber because countries criticize us today and on some occasions with good reason, but not on others,” he said.

Bolsonaro said the Navy will support the work of the federal police force and work to create barriers to shipping classified cargo by sea.

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